I'm Jesse van Doren

I take people into an inspiring future on how technology impacts the way we live, work and do business. Beside of that I help companies grow thanks to the implementation of smart data-driven marketing and new technologies.

Karin Rigterink, Nyenrode University:

"Thanks to a practical case that Jesse brought along, the power and methodology of growth hacking became immediately clear during our masterclass."


I am always looking for innovative developments that are usable and scalable to help businesses grow

Are you curious about what I do? Read the articles I've written about my experiences, client-cases, upcoming trends and my expertises:


Why I've founded Brize and what we are doing:

Brize is a Full Service Agency with a strong focus on data driven marketing. We help businesses grow by measuring and analysing data. Using these insights and field research, we optimise marketing canals and user experiences.

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